Cake Shop

Cake Shop

People Crossing on Street

Do you like baking cookies? Why don’t you channel your hobby into a promising business? Neighboring mothers definitely need a cake that is used to give treats to guests who visit their home, besides that the cake can be used for social gathering, thanksgiving and much more.

You only need to display the cake as needed. The rest you can make when an order arrives. If your cake has a unique and delicious taste, consumers will be satisfied and recommend your cake to their relatives and neighbors. You can rely on the power of word of mouth or can be called by word of mouth promotion.

Almost every house has a private vehicle. If by chance your house is far from a garage, then you have a good business opportunity to start a garage business from your home garage. The neighbors and motorcycle taxi drivers around the house are your prospective customers. It would be better if your home is located on the edge of the highway, your workshop will easily get consumers.

Motor Wash
In addition to workshops, other businesses related to automotive that you can start from the garage of the house is a motorcycle wash. Just like a garage, the neighbors and motorcycle taxi drivers around the house will become potential customers. To start this home-based business does not require a lot of equipment, enough with water and soap machines and some small equipment that will help in the process of vehicle washing.

Grocery store
Grocery store is a business that has no end because at present daily needs always have a lot of enthusiasts. You can start a grocery store business from your home garage. Although the amount of stock of each type of merchandise is not much, but you must strive to buy merchandise that is needed by the community for example starting from the basic needs that are needed.

But that must be considered, do not buy too much merchandise, because there will definitely be an expiration period, if it has expired, then your merchandise will be wasted, and you will experience a loss.

You also have to compete with other grocery stores around the house, so you must arrange your merchandise as neatly as possible to attract shoppers to shop at your grocery store.

Some home-based businesses that have been reviewed above can be your reference in choosing a business that uses a home garage as a place to start a business.

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