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You can still rely on Dropship as a business opportunity in 2020. This is one of the small capital business opportunities, not even requiring capital at all. You can do this business with domestic and foreign sellers.

Dropship is a system that allows you to sell sellers’ goods without buying them. You only need to offer these items to prospective buyers. The seller will send the item directly to the buyer but with the name of your sender.

There are many items that you can sell through a dropship business. Clothing, food, to crafts are always in demand by people.

Selling Credit
Selling credit is not a new business opportunity, but selling credit is a promising business. At present the business of selling credit is growing. In addition to selling pulse providers, you can also sell electricity pulses. You can also sell various accessories for mobile phones.

You do not need to rent a place to open a business selling credit. You can use the garage in your home. You can provide the need for provider pulses and electric pulses for neighbors around you.

Open a Grocery Store
The next home business you can try is to open a grocery store. Opening a grocery store in a residential area certainly has a broad market. This is because you can provide all the household needs through the grocery store.

In running this business, you don’t need to leave home. That way, you can look after the shop while completing household chores. This business can also be accompanied by businesses selling provider pulses and electricity token pulses.

Opening Tutoring Place
Do you have a lot of school children in your neighborhood? If so, you can start a tutoring business for school children. You can offer private and group tutor services for children in your community.

You don’t need to rent a place to open a tutoring place. You can use the living room, terrace or garage that you can turn into a comfortable learning place. While opening a tutoring place, you can provide a small library so that children can read lots of books.

Catering is a home-based business that you can try too. If you have expertise in cooking, of course this culinary business is a good idea for you. You can start by providing daily catering for boarding children who don’t have a kitchen or don’t have time to cook for themselves.

Also take advantage of events in your home environment to provide consumption. For example the 17s, thanksgiving, and so on. By marketing it through the people closest to you, you have started to build your own market. People who have tried your food and liked it will certainly tell it to others.

Rental of Children’s Toys
Don’t throw away your child’s unused toys. If your child’s toys are still functioning properly, you can rent them out to other people. Instead of just being thrown away, the toy can be rented out to people who don’t want to buy too many toys for their children.

This business has started to become a trend. In addition to children’s toys, you can rent out various baby and toddler equipment that you no longer use. You can rent baby stroller, baby cot, and so on.

Franchise Business
If you have enough money, a franchise business is a promising business opportunity. One of the advantages that you can get is, you don’t need to think too much about marketing because your business already has a branding that is known by the wider community.

There are many brands that you can try for this franchise business. Ranging from food, drinks, minimarkets, to laundry. Adjust which franchise you want to work on depends on the results of market analysis.

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