Selling Assets

Then the next source of venture capital, you can use your personal savings, if you have personal savings for needs that are not so important, it doesn’t hurt to temporarily use your little savings as a source of venture capital for your business.

If you use this latter method, you will not be too dizzy thinking about replacing it in a hurry, but discipline must still exist, because after all the name of capital must be returned. Although the venture capital comes from your personal savings, but there are still calculations.

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Selling your personal assets, this way you can also do to get your small business capital source. The asset in question is also not like a house or a car, because it counts for large businesses. You can simply sell your jewelry if you have one, or maybe your electronic items are temporarily replaced, which are a little cheaper and the remaining money can be used for capital.

Become a reseller for a while, because being a reseller you don’t need start-up capital. After running and you can already profit from the sale of becoming a reseller, the results of these benefits can be used as a source of venture capital for your small business.

If you have previously become a reseller and only sell goods from other people, after you have a little capital, you can have your own stock of goods with that capital.

In that way you are also not dizzy right, if you feel the business has gotten a decent profit, you can set aside profits little by little to replace the assets that you previously sold that you have used for venture capital. You can return it in the form of jewelry again or if you sell your electronics, you can replace even higher types of electronics.

It seems not too difficult to find a source of venture capital for your small business, because the source you can get through the people around you. Now you only choose from where you want to get venture capital and as a reminder, even if your business or business is small but you must remain consistent to live it.

Although the capital you use is also not large, but you still have to have the discipline to replace it, whether it’s with relatives, relatives, personal savings and also your personal assets.

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