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Make use of PayLater Features

Make use of PayLater Features Now non-bank electronic wallet or e-money companies are introducing new ways that you can use to get working capital to finance operational expenses. The method is by installments without a credit card or PayLater. If you have been using the […]

Cake Shop

Cake Shop Do you like baking cookies? Why don’t you channel your hobby into a promising business? Neighboring mothers definitely need a cake that is used to give treats to guests who visit their home, besides that the cake can be used for social gathering, […]

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding This is a type of crowdfunding where investors take ownership in the company, usually through shares. Although their initial investment is not paid back, they will receive a share of the profits if the company does well. The amount invested is not small, […]

Selling Assets

SavingsThen the next source of venture capital, you can use your personal savings, if you have personal savings for needs that are not so important, it doesn’t hurt to temporarily use your little savings as a source of venture capital for your business. If you […]

How to start a franchise business?

How to start a franchise business? Franchise or in Indonesian is called a franchise is a business choice that can be tried. Many advantages if you choose this franchise business. One of them is you don’t need to think hard to do branding and marketing […]